nebraska adventures : omaha / lincoln [11]

Tuesday morning, post-cat wrangling, we thankfully had a short day of driving ahead of us. Our next major stop was planned to be Cheyenne, WY, but that's roughly a 10-hour drive from Des Moines to Cheyenne, so we needed somewhere to stop in the meantime. Enter Nebraska, a place I never thought I would be … Continue reading nebraska adventures : omaha / lincoln [11]

hometown glory: syracuse, part 1 [4]

My roots lie deep in the soil of Syracuse. The shores of Onondaga Lake Park, wandering around Carousel Center, the Wegmans on 57. I haven't lived in Syracuse since 2011, but coming around that curve on 81 North with the city out in front of me has always been one of my favorite views.Max and … Continue reading hometown glory: syracuse, part 1 [4]