thanksgiving in Los Angeles [27]

Hello friends! Hope you all had a good holiday season and a Happy New Year! I am doing some behind-the-scenes work to make this blog a better experience for readers and an easier user interface for myself, so bear with me as the changes come along. As I mentioned in my last post, we also … Continue reading thanksgiving in Los Angeles [27]

hidden gems : salt lake city, part 2 [15]

Saturday morning we got up, went to The People's Coffee for pastries and caffeine, then took our stinky dog to get a bath. Some vacation, right!? Turns out after two weeks of being in cars and hotel rooms together, a stinky dog is less forgivable than it might have been otherwise. We dropped the dog … Continue reading hidden gems : salt lake city, part 2 [15]

full of surprises: salt lake city, part 1 [14]

Where Cheyenne was disorienting because it was a pretty alien experience to me, Salt Lake City reminded me not to assume things about cities. I wasn't sure what to expect from Salt Lake City, and in my stereotyping brain I just sort of assumed it would be a pretty white-bread city with not a lot … Continue reading full of surprises: salt lake city, part 1 [14]

nebraska adventures : omaha / lincoln [11]

Tuesday morning, post-cat wrangling, we thankfully had a short day of driving ahead of us. Our next major stop was planned to be Cheyenne, WY, but that's roughly a 10-hour drive from Des Moines to Cheyenne, so we needed somewhere to stop in the meantime. Enter Nebraska, a place I never thought I would be … Continue reading nebraska adventures : omaha / lincoln [11]

cat in a bag: boston, part 2 [3]

Thanks for sticking with me on that journey through the feels about Fenway. Onto the rest of Boston: the FOOD. After the game, we walked up to Cambridge - a beautiful walk on a summer evening. The view from the Mass Ave bridge is stunning at night. My iPhone camera certainly does not do it … Continue reading cat in a bag: boston, part 2 [3]