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The Anchor & Bird 2022 Gift Guide: Your Sarcastic Friends

Sarcasm. The spice of life. My first language, and that of many of my friends. And yes, my sarcastic mouth sometimes gets me in trouble. But what’s life without a little spice? And I just know that your sarcastic friends could definitely use some gifts that speak to them. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Snarky Holidays

15 oz festive af. ceramic mug

It’s a snarky holiday with you, Bert. I have been known to be a bit, well, Grinchy at times, and “festive” isn’t always in my vocabulary. Enter the “festive af.” mug. Fill it with coffee (or booze, or water, or whatever your favorite holiday libation may be) and let the mug convince your loved ones that you are, in fact, being festive as f*ck. Available in both 11oz and 15oz in dishwasher-safe ceramic, or in a 12 oz enamel version (hand wash only), each mug bears the words “festive af.” in a typewriter-style text in the center of a ring of colorful holiday lights. These mugs make a perfect gift for someone who is doing their best to portray an air of festivities, or even for an earnest gift for someone who really does love Christmas and all the colorful chaos that comes with it.

L-R:2022 trash fire ornaments in silver, gold, & white

Getting ready to trim the tree? These 2022 Trash Fire Ornaments are a silly way to commemorate the craziness of this past year. The “little sibling” and spiritual successor to my wildly popular 2020 Dumpster Fire design, these plastic disc ornaments add a little sarcastic sparkle to your Christmas tree. Each ornament is filled with your choice of glitter – silver, gold, or white – and completed with a ribbon for easy hanging. The design in the center features a green garbage can with yellow-and-orange flames bursting out the open lid. The date “2022” completes the design by arching across the top part of the ornament. These ornaments make a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift, and are definitely perfect for your snarkiest friend.

On a similar holiday note, if your tinsel is all in a tangle but you’re just ready to watch the world burn, perhaps your wardrobe could use an upgrade from the “this is fine.” collection. Available in a short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, or a crewneck sweatshirt, this tangled mess of Christmas lights is sure to keep you warm this winter. A big ol’ tangled mess of Christmas lights with the words “this is fine.” across the center adorns each top, and with the variety of styles, colors, and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite funny person.

L-R: this is fine. sweatshirt in Red, long sleeve in Athletic Heather, short sleeve in Forest green

Sarcasm: Not Just for the Holiday Season

NSFW sarcasm sticker, & a polite version

Everybody loves a little holiday spice, but what if you’re spicy year round? Celebrate your favorite attitude 365 with non-holiday snark. If you sprinkle sarcasm on everything, like you sprinkle bagel seasoning on everything (it’s me, hi), then you’ll love these everything-bagel-seasoning-inspired stickers. Each sticker features a hand-drawn illustration of a bagel seasoning bottle, with the label reading either Sarcasm I Sprinkle That Shit On Everything, or a more polite/safe-for-work version that says Sarcasm I Sprinkle That On Everything. Regardless of whether you choose the sweary version or the SFW version, these stickers measure approximately 4 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide – they’re perfect for a laptop, water bottle, planner cover, or wherever you might like to sprinkle some snark.

For Fox Sake string art

If you’re looking to decorate your home with some of your famed humor, this cute little fox string art adds some colorful decor – and colorful language – to any space. This little guy is the sarcastic sibling to the regular fox string art, seen in my Nature & Animal Lovers gift guide. Each sign measures 5.5 inches wide x 5 inches tall, plus the burlap twine for hanging, and features string art of a cute little fox head in the center. This version also features the word “for” above the string art, and “sake” below, so when you put it all together it reads “for fox sake” – perfect for a subtle swear and some bright colors in a small space. Plus, you get to choose the color of the vinyl lettering to really make it pop. Shop this little fox here.

Live Laugh Leave by 9 sign with red-brown frame

Okay, so not everyone wants profanities or even implied profanities in their home decor. I get that. And maybe you’re someone who loves to go big, but also really loves to go home. This Live, Laugh, Leave by 9 sign is a fun way to tell your guests that you love them but also you love when they leave, right? This sign subverts the “live laugh love” and the popular rustic style trends to turn it into a cheeky piece of home decor. At first glance you might think it’s just another HomeGoods sign, but this reverse canvas style piece definitely has a mind of its own. Made with black heat transfer vinyl on white canvas, with a wood frame stained in your choice of red-brown or gray-brown, all completed with a kraft backing and a sawtooth hanger – this sign is perfect for your funny farmhouse loving friends.

SPORTS! hat in pastel yellow (L) and cranberry (R)

Finally, if you’re shopping for someone who loves to wear their sarcasm on their sleeve…or forehead…and happens to be a sports fan (or a begrudging attendee of a sporting event), this supremely popular SPORTS! hat makes a great gift. Available in eleven colors, you’re sure to find one that suits your snarky sports friend. These hats have a buckle strap in the back for adjustable sizing, so one size fits most. Each hat has the word SPORTS! in an athletic-style font embroidered across the front in wither black or white depending on the color of the hat. Whether you’re cheering for your favorite team, hoping both teams have fun, or you’re just there because you have to be – this SPORTS! hat is a perfect addition to your own athletic wardrobe or as a gift for someone who maybe doesn’t love sports as much as you.

Whether you’re the designated funny friend or you’re hunting down a gift for a snarky special someone, there are plenty of options for you across both Anchor & Bird Shops. You can find all these and more at The Anchor & Bird decor shop and at The Anchor & Bird Apparel shop. ‘Tis the sarcastic season!

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The Anchor & Bird 2022 Gift Guide: Travelers, Adventurers, and Outdoorsy(-ish) People

Welcome back to another installation of The Anchor & Bird Gift Guides! If you celebrated Thanksgiving last week, I hope you had an enjoyable holiday; if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope your weekend was lovely! We spent the long weekend visiting family in Tennessee, enjoying slightly warmer weather than we have here in New Hampshire, and eating more cheese than even I knew I could (and I *love* cheese, so that bar is pretty high).

All of our hours spent in the airport this past weekend – and the many, many weekends of traveling that I did this year – inspired me to create this gift guide. Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece for someone who recently moved away, or adding to your own collection to commemorate your favorite travels, these items make great gifts for the holiday season and beyond.

Skyline Canvas Wall Art

The skyline series began in July of 2020 when I was messing around with a newly-downloaded design program and decided to see if I could dust off the old graphic design skills from back in the days of MySpace and online journal layouts. I created a line art graphic of the Buffalo, New York skyline, and the collection only grew from there. There are now 22 cities available – from Boston to Seattle and so many more – and hey, if your favorite city isn’t here, give me a shout because I’d always love to create new pieces!

Each skyline is done in a “reverse canvas” style where the frame is on the front of the piece. The wood frames are hand-stained in your choice of either red-brown or gray-brown, which allows the natural textures of the wood to show through for a little bit of a rustic feel. The skyline line art is pressed onto the canvas with heat transfer vinyl, and then reattached to the frame from the back side. Each piece is completed with a kraft cardstock backing and a sawtooth hanger for easy hanging. Check out all the available cities here (and drop me a line if you have an idea for a new one)!

State[s] String Art

Two single state string art pieces (top right Connecticut, bottom left Virginia) on a map of California

These little state string arts were one of the very first string art pieces I created, way before this shop was even thought of. We had recently moved from Connecticut to California, and I found myself wanting a way to commemorate all the places we’d lived so far. Armed with a craft store coupon and a dream, I created four of these pieces in an afternoon and the rest is history. They were the first listing on my Etsy shop, and are still among the pieces I love making the most. Each wood sign measures 5.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall, complete with a burlap twine for easy hanging, and features string art of your state of choice in whatever color you choose. These small string art signs make a great gift for a frequent traveler, or a perfect addition to your own new home.

Two-State String Art featuring Kauai, Hawaii in green to Monterey, California in yellow with blue hearts and connecting thread.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for a loved one who has recently moved away, for a long-distance partner or friend, or to share a little bit of your heart with far away family, this Two-State String Art makes a great gift idea. At 10 inches x 10 inches, this square sign is a bit bigger than the single state signs above, but still the perfect size for a gallery wall or even a work cubicle. Each of these signs features string art of two states of your choosing with a heart over an approximate location in each state. The hearts within the states are then connected by a single piece of thread, which also features two hearts in the top and bottom corners. The photo shown here connecting California and Hawaii was a gift from a daughter in CA to her mom in HI during 2020 when COVID prevented them from being together for the holidays – which I thought was just the sweetest gift idea. I’ve also created these for long-distance relationships between New York and Texas; a California family missing their favorite beach vacation spot in Puerto Rico; and a housewarming gift from a friend in Washington to a friend in Nevada – among many other special places and connections. With a wide variety of colors, you’re sure to find the perfect combination for your unique gift.

Maybe you have family in a few different places, or you’re looking to commemorate three special times in your life. These three state string art signs are a great way to brighten up the holidays with some fun colors and some sentimental moments. Similar to the two state sign, the three state string art sign features three states with a heart over your favorite city, all connected via thread. To personalize the string art even further, the three state string art with dates version adds a date underneath each state. The added date signs are a great gift for newlyweds – the location of their first date, where they got engaged, and their wedding, perhaps – or to commemorate favorite vacations or times that you’ve moved. Whether you choose to add dates or not, these 20 inch wide by 5 inch tall signs are a lovely personalized piece of artwork that your giftee will treasure for years to come.

Check out all of the state-themed string art pieces in my shop, including a few not pictured in this guide, here.

Outdoorsy(-ish) Art & Apparel

As a self-professed outdoorsy-ish person, I love a good “nature walk” or lounging by a warm fire while my friends enjoy being outside in the cold. I’m happiest at a mountain lake…but probably only from April to October because I also like to be able to feel my toes, ya know? Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who is outdoorsy in the sense of climbing mountains for fun or more of the “drinking my morning coffee on the porch” type of outdoorsy, there are plenty of ideas to be found in both shops. (And PS: if your “outdoorsy” vibes are more cute animals and plants – you might like the Nature & Animals Gift Guide here.)

The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go string art with text in black and white

Regardless of their desire to free solo a rock face or just take the train to the top, this The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go string art is a great gift for the mountain lover in your life. This 10 inch x 10 inch wood sign features string art of a snow-capped mountain with multiple peaks on the top half, and the quote “the mountains are calling and I must go” on the bottom half. The text balances bold caps with a brush-style script lettering, and comes in two colors of your choice to really personalize this piece. This string art sign lets you bring a little bit of the outdoors in – no cold weather gear required.

The Lake is Calling and I Must Go t-shirt in Heather Forest

Maybe it’s not the mountain that calls to you, but some cool and crisp lake waters instead. Available in 15 different colors, a t-shirt proclaiming The Lake is Calling and I Must Go is the perfect gift for your favorite lake person. This soft and extra-cozy unisex t-shirt features a circular graphic with a sun, mountains, pine trees, and a fisher admiring their recent catch in a boat among the waves, with the words “the lake is calling and I must go” around the outer edge of the design. The Etsy shop currently has adult sizes S-2XL, but other sizes are always available – just send me a message!

Take the Scenic Route design in green on a natural colored tote bag

Whether it’s the lakes or the mountains that call you – you’ve got to get there somehow, right? And the best way to do that is always to take the scenic route. Pack up this Take the Scenic Route Canvas Tote Bag with all your favorite travel gear and get going on your next adventure. Available in black, white, or natural (khaki/jute/light tan colored – shown in the photo to the right) tote bags with a wide variety of colors for the design, this tote is a perfect gift for your nature minded friends. Each tote features the words “take the scenic route” in a vintage inspired font arcing around a design with mountains, pine trees, and a waterfall. These tote bags measure approximately 14.5 inches wide and 15 inches tall – not including the measurements of the webbed handles – with a wide-opening at the top tapering to the bottom seam. The sturdy canvas material of this bag makes it great for short weekend trips or even for carrying home a farmer’s market haul. No matter where your journey leads, this bag is a great reminder to appreciate the beauty around you.

I Went Outside in 2022 ornament in gold

If your year was anything like mine, you did a LOT more traveling this year than you have in the past couple of years thanks to COVID. Or maybe you just got out and explored your own neighborhood. Whether your adventure was a few steps or a few thousand miles, commemorate your travels this year with this I Went Outside in 2022 ornament. Ornaments are available in three different glitter colors – silver, gold, or white – and ten different ribbon color options. Each ornament features an outdoor scene with a yellow sun, green mountains, and blue water, with the words “I Went Outside in 2022” in black. These lightweight ornaments make a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa-type gift, or a cheeky little addition to your own Christmas tree.

No matter what kind of adventures you’re commemorating, these fun and unique gifts make checking your adventure buddy off your holiday shopping list easy. Plus, everything in both shops is 20% off through November 30th, which makes gift giving even more enjoyable! Check out more travel themed gifts and other place-themed artwork in the decor shop, or find all the travel apparel here. Happy trails!

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The Anchor & Bird 2022 Gift Guide: Buffalonians (and/or Bills Fans)

In Buffalo, we don’t say “I love you,” we say “GO BILLS” and I think that’s beautiful.

No, seriously. I mean, I tell my friends I love them all the time, but I also end a lot of conversations with GO BILLS. It’s just one of those things that once you’ve spent a few years in Buffalo, it becomes second nature. Even my friends who could care less about football (I still don’t understand how, but hey, it takes all kinds) throw in a GO BILLS every once in a while.

And while most people know Buffalo for our years and years of football sadness and the absurd amount of lake effect snow that the greater Buffalo area gets – just google this past weekend’s snowstorm, if you’re unfamiliar – there is so much more to the city of Buffalo. In my six years in the Queen City, I got to explore the arts and theatre scene, peruse some stellar bookstores and poetry events, watch the breweries and cuisine culture grow – and, although it seems antithetical to having lived in and then left Buffalo, I never liked wings until I moved out of the 716. Making that discovery (turns out this girl just likes a good mild-medium sauce vs. the face-melting chaos my dad likes!) made me even more excited to come back for visits and design my own Buffalo Wing Tour. Give me a Blue Light and a basket of flats, and I’m the happiest gal around. I’ll pass on the blue cheese, though.

So, all of that said, if you’re shopping for a gift for your favorite Buffalonian (or updating your own Buffalove collection), I’ve got your back. Make sure you hand it to them with a hearty GO BILLS – it’ll make it that much more special.

Buffalo Wall Art

L-R: Buffalo Skyline canvas art, two colors of Buffalove String Art, Buffalo Map Heart canvas art

These wall art pieces are perfect gifts for showing off some Buffalo pride, or a great way to bring some hometown love to a displaced Buffalonian. Enjoy a minimalist version of Buffalo’s skyline featuring some of our most iconic buildings with the Buffalo Skyline Wall Art as seen in the left hand side of the above photo. This 8″ x 10″ reverse canvas-style wall art is available with two stain color options for the frame, shown here in red-brown, and comes with a sawtooth hanger on the back for easy decorating. The black line art on a white canvas makes it so this piece is easy to coordinate with just about any already-existing decor style, so you won’t have to worry about it clashing with other art pieces.

For a different way to express your Buffalove, the Buffalove string art is a fun wall hanging to bring some color to a smaller space. This 5 inch tall x 5.5 inch wide sign features a solid color string art of a bison with the word “buffalove” in script below it – including a heart instead of the o! The best part about this piece is that you get to pick all the colors, so you can really customize it to fit your fave person’s vibe. As with almost all the string art signs in my shop, this sign comes with an attached burlap twine so it’s ready to hang as soon as it arrives.

The Buffalo Map Heart Canvas is a great piece if you’re looking for even more color. This 8″ x 8″ canvas hanging features a hand-drawn, minimalist map of the greater Buffalo area, including a little bit of Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, and Canada across the river. The map section is outlined with a heart shape, with your choice of color to make it your own. No matter what part of Buffalo you’re from, this map is a lovely way to bring your hometown to wherever you might be now.

Buffalo Decals & Apparel

L: Two-Color Buffalo Skyline Decal
R: single color Buffalo Skyline Decal

If it’s a car (or laptop, classroom window, mirror, etc.) that could use a little more Buffalove, these decals are a great gift idea! Each vinyl decal measures approximately 4.75 inches wide x 3.25 inches tall, and features a silhouette of a bison with the Buffalo skyline running through the center, complete with the word “BUFFALO” in the lower half. The two-color skyline decal uses the skyline as a dividing point between two colors of your choice (shown here in red and blue). The single color version keeps the same design but in one solid color for both pieces of the decal. Regardless of which version you choose, each decal comes with transfer tape already applied, as well as application instructions, so all you’ll need to do is peel the paper backing from the decal and apply it to your surface! These decals are made with permanent vinyl for long-lasting application. Plus, you get to customize the colors to add your own flair to your favorite city.

Top left: Let’s Go Buffalo sweatshirt in white with a red design; Bottom right: Let’s Go Buffalo sweatshirt in grey with a blue design

Maybe you or your giftee have plans to attend a game soon – and trust me, I know how cold tailgating in the winter can be. Keep warm with one of these cute Let’s Go Buffalo sweatshirts, available in unisex sizes S-5XL. These cozy sweatshirts come in either white or sport grey, with the design in either red or royal blue, so you have a few different color options to best suit your game day outfit. Each sweatshirt has a silhouette of a bison printed across the chest with the words “let’s go” in a cute handwritten font above the word “BUFFALO” in a team-inspired font style. The text is “cut out” of the bison silhouette in a negative space style, so the color of the sweatshirt fabric shows through. Plus, since it doesn’t have a specific team name, this sweatshirt can easily be worn for college sports, hockey games, or just showing off some Buffalo pride.

Finally, if you’re anything like me, you just want to run through a wall when our beloved quarterback hurdles over another team’s player. If you’re not a Bills fan, you might be surprised to learn that this is a common experience. The last time that Josh hurdled a guy, I was immediately inspired to create some artwork out of it. It took a few days and a LOT of drawing-erasing-redrawing-adding-deleting-etc., but I am so incredibly proud of this drawing and I absolutely had to put it on ALL THE THINGS!

Buffalo QB Hurdle Over Everybody design on (from left to right) long sleeve tee, crewneck sweatshirt, short sleeve tee, and a womens’ cropped sweatshirt

For so many years, Buffalo has been the absolute laughingstock of football, and it’s still so wild to me that we’re actually good. I will never forget when we made the playoffs in 2017: I was pacing back and forth around a Buffalo Wild Wings in California, waiting for the outcome of the Bengals-Ravens game in a room where I was the only Bills fan. I had that whole room congratulating me as I cried like an idiot in my jersey because it finally felt good to be a Buffalo fan. It’s been a few years and it still doesn’t feel real, and yet I still encounter haters who think our recent success is just a flash in the pan. Well, we know our quarterback can hurdle over the haters, so here we are hurdling over EVERYBODY.

This Buffalo QB Hurdle collection has something for everyone. The unisex long-sleeve t-shirt comes in 8 colors with sizes S-2XL (with additional size options, should you need them – just shoot me a message!) and is perfect for watching the game at home or to wear on a victory Monday. If long sleeves aren’t your style, the short sleeve version also comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and makes a great layering piece. If you’re trying to keep warm at the game, the unisex sweatshirt is a comfy and cozy way to get you through the tailgate. For a trendy twist, the womens’ cropped sweatshirt combines football and fashion.

Whether your favorite Buffalonian is hurdling the haters, keeping warm in a snowstorm, or wanting a little piece of home to hang on their walls, all of these items make a great gift (and I won’t tell anyone if you want to gift some to yourself, too). Find all of these and more in The Anchor & Bird decor shop and at The Anchor & Bird Apparel – currently 20% off through November 30th.

And, most importantly, GO BILLS!

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The Anchor & Bird 2022 Gift Guide: Nature & Animal Lovers

Whether you’re shopping for a gardener, backyard birder, enjoyer of flowers, or a fan of animals – The Anchor & Bird has plenty of ideas to help you narrow down your holiday checklist. These colorful, nature-inspired pieces make great gifts for your favorite environmentalist, or even a lovely addition to your own holiday decor! And…everything is 20% off now through November 30th. Let’s check ’em out!

Animal String Art

Clockwise from top left corner: Cardinal string art, Robin string art, American Goldfinch string art

As you may have guessed by the name of this website, I’m a big bird lover. One of the absolute highlights of my day is watching the birds visit the assorted birdfeeders in my backyard. I themed at least two poetry projects in college around birds, I often drag my husband and friends to bird exhibits at zoos…I even love seeing pigeons in big cities and once almost got a pigeon to befriend me at an outdoor beer garden in Monterey, California. Needless to say, my bird string art pieces are my favorite to make and bring me SO much joy. The Cardinal String Art was the first bird-themed piece of art I added to my shop back in 2018, and it has remained a perennial favorite among clients, friends, and family alike.

Each of these bird string art pieces are built from an unfinished 10″ x 10″ wood plaque sign which is then painted to make the background pop (plus, the cardinal’s white background is finished with a little shimmer to make it look like a snowy winter wonderland scene!). The birds all sit on a branch with a colorful seasonal plant accent – the cardinal sits among string art pine needles and winter berries, the springtime robin enjoys some newly-bloomed cherry blossoms, and the bright summery yellow finch is hopping towards some purple-and-yellow aster flowers. Both the robin and finch feature 3D paper flowers, which add some dimension and texture to the pieces. These signs all come with an attached burlap twine to make it easy to hang as soon as it arrives!

Hummingbird String Art on a wood background with flowers

If you’re shopping for something a little smaller that still packs a colorful punch, the Hummingbird String Art is a funky metallic string art piece that brings some color, shimmer, and shine to any spot. This wood sign measures at 5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide, and features string art of a ruby-throated hummingbird in flight. These hummingbirds are made with entirely metallic thread, so the bright colors really pop and shine against the plain wood background. Each hummingbird features a metallic green outline with accents of maroon, purple, and gold to emphasize the different parts of the hummingbird. This is a perfect gift to bring a little nature into a smaller space – especially if you or your giftee lives somewhere with long, dreary, gray winters.

Fox String Art sitting in a green plant with purple flowers

Now, maybe your animal-loving friend isn’t so into birds. Totally get that! This adorable little Fox String Art (and its sarcastic sibling) is a great little gift for an animal lover or even a woodland creature themed nursery or baby shower gift. Each fox string art sign measures 5″ x 5.5″ and comes with an attached burlap twine for easy hanging. The piece features a red-orange fox head with white and black accents on an unfinished wood background, giving it some rustic vibes. The vibrant color of the fox is a great way to add a little pop of brightness into your day!

Find all of these animal themed pieces, and more, in the Animal Art section of The Anchor & Bird Etsy shop.

Flowers & Plants

Sunflower & Eucalyptus Wine Tumblers

If your nature jam is a little less fauna and a little more flora, then you’ll love these floral pieces. Cheers to a friend with this fun stainless steel Sunflower and Eucalyptus Wine Tumbler (comes with a lid to avoid spillage)! Each tumbler holds 12oz of your favorite beverage, hot or cold, in a stemless-wine-glass-shaped vessel. The tumbler features art of golden sunflowers and blue-green eucalyptus leaves cascading from the top rim, printed on a white background with a glossy finish. Makes a great gift for a floral-loving…or wine-loving…friend!

Two Sunflower String Art pieces resting on a wood and white background

Keeping in the sunflower theme, this Sunflower String Art is a gorgeous way to bring a little nature inside. Each flower is unique – as seen here with two flowers next to each other – and features shades of golden yellow petals around a brown center. This piece is made on an 8″ x 8″ gray-washed wood sign to add a little rustic-inspired flair, and is completed with twine hanging material. Each wood base is a little different, which makes these sunflower pieces a great one-of-a-kind gift!

Daisy String Art on a peach background surrounded by leaves and daisy flowers

Maybe sunflowers are a little *too* rustic for you, or maybe you or your giftee prefer decor that feels a little more spring than fall vibes. You might love the Daisy String Art instead! Made on the same 8″ x 8″ gray-washed wood sign base as the Sunflower String Art, this piece features string art of a white-and-yellow daisy popping out from the bottom right hand corner. The bright yellow center of the flower is surrounded by white petals, making this piece perfect for springtime decor or to bring a little extra pop of color to wintertime white decorations.

No matter what your gifting goals, these nature-inspired pieces are a perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Everything pictured here, and so much more, are currently 20% off now through November 30th, both at the decor shop and the apparel shop.

Stay tuned for more gifting ideas to come!

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The Anchor & Bird 2022 Gift Guide: Teachers

Got a special teacher in your life this holiday season? Stumped on where to start your Christmas shopping? Great news – there’s plenty of ideas right here! Whether you’re shopping for your child’s teacher, your own teacher pals, a college student preparing to student teach, or a recent graduate looking to personalize their own classroom, The Anchor & Bird has lots to offer for your favorite educator. Let’s dive in!

Stickers and Decals

L-R: I’m With the Banned and All Are Welcome Here stickers

It has been a difficult handful of years to be a teacher (which is probably the understatement of the century, right?) – bring a little smile to your favorite teacher’s face with one of The Anchor & Bird Apparel’s stickers or decals. The I’m With The Banned books sticker and the All Are Welcome Here Pride Flag sticker are a great small gift for the politically-minded educator, with the bonus of doing a little good in the world – all proceeds from the All Are Welcome Here sticker go to the Trevor Project to support LGBTQ+ youth in the United States. These stickers can easily be added to a laptop, clipboard, water bottle, bulletin board…wherever the classroom could use a bit of color! Find these stickers here: I’m With the Banned Sticker and All Are Welcome Here Pride Flag Sticker.

Top to bottom: Did You Take Attendance Today? decal in hot pink, Caffeinate & Educate decal in nut brown, I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie decal in purple

If stickers aren’t your jam, maybe a fun vinyl decal will do the trick! These single color vinyl decals are perfect for travel mugs or whiteboards in the classroom, adding to a planner cover or a binder, or even on your car window. Each decal is made with permanent vinyl for durability, and can be made in the color of your choice to really make it the perfect gift. Check out these educator-inspired decals, along with many more decals and stickers, here: Stickers and Decals

Teacher Apparel

L-R: coffee. teach. repeat. tee in teal, Teacher stacked buffalo plaid tee, Caffeinate & Educate v-neck tee, School Doodles tee in maroon

Everybody loves a good Casual Friday, right? These cozy teacher tees are perfect with a favorite pair of jeans , or for those Mondays when even the third cup of coffee isn’t getting you very far. Each design is printed on a soft Bella + Canvas tee – great for staying comfortable while you teach, or for flexibility when sitting on the floor with your class (early elementary teachers, I know you feel me!). With a wide variety of designs and colors, you’re sure to find the perfect tee for your favorite teacher pal. Find all of these teacher tees here. Plus, you can even match with your preschooler or elementary school aged kid in the School Doodles design!

Caffeinate & Educate tote with yellow handles

Another item that teachers can never have too many of…tote bags. There’s always a million little things to carry around – laptops, pencils, books, planners, you name it – and seemingly never enough room to fit everything a teacher might need. Spoil your favorite teacher with a brand new tote bag featuring the Caffeinate & Educate design. These white tote bags are 15 inches x 15 inches with the design printed in black and a few different options for colorful handles. You can even get a matching colorful mug! There are two options for these tote bags: with an inside pocket or without an inside pocket.

Classroom Decor

One of the most fun things about education – aside from the teaching, of course – is getting to decorate a classroom. There are SO many decor options out there, from fully packaged decoration sets to total DIY craft supplies, but the one thing that most teachers I know have in common is wanting their space to feel like THEM. I’m no stranger to that: in my

Teacher Name String Art from Top to Bottom: script style text in teal thread, print style text in rainbow thread, capitals style text in sand thread

6-ish years in the education field I taught in small corners of hallways and other classrooms, student taught in a handful of WILDLY different schools, and was beyond excited when I finally had my own space to decorate. One of the teacher gifts I’ll always treasure was the very first personalized travel mug I ever got, it’s still just so dang cool to see my own name on a teacher gift. I’ve been out of the classroom for a few years now, but I still adore all my personalized classroom decor and gifts.

If your favorite person is the type of teacher who loves to see their name on decorations, there are plenty of options for you! One of the most recent additions to the shop is this Teacher Name String Art sign. Available in three different text styles and a wide array of colors, this personalized wooden sign is a great addition to a classroom door, over a teacher desk, or in an office area. This sign measures 20 inches wide by 5 inches tall, and comes with an attached burlap twine string to make it easy to hang. Get your favorite teacher’s name in a single color, or in the rainbow option to really make it pop! No matter which option you choose, this sign is sure to bring some color and joy to any education space.

top to bottom: The Future of the World is In This Classroom canvas, Maslow before Bloom canvas, Custom Teacher Pencil

If there’s no space to hang a sign in the classroom, maybe a shelf-sitting piece of decor is what you’re looking for. The Custom Teacher Pencil (bottom of photo) can sit on a shelf or desk (or add a ribbon to easily hang it on a wall!), and features your favorite teacher’s name in black. Each pencil is hand-painted on a 12 inch x 1.25 inch piece of wood, cut to resemble the shape of a pencil. Or, if you’d prefer to skip the personalization, an inspirational quote might do the trick. The Future of the World is In This Classroom canvas art (top of photo) is a perfect reminder that education is what shapes the future of, well, the world – and that the students in this classroom are tomorrow’s leaders. This 12″ x 4″ canvas sign adds just the smallest pop of color to any space that could use some brightening up. Or, the ever-popular Maslow before Bloom canvas art (middle of photo) is a great reminder to yourself and others that our basic needs as humans come first. This 6″ x 6″ art piece features holographic rainbow script – and due to the nature of the rainbow script, each piece is slightly different and unique.

Whether you’re shopping for your kids’ teacher, a loved one who is in the education field, or even yourself – The Anchor & Bird has plenty more ideas for teacher gifts. Find all of the items above, and so much more, in The Anchor & Bird decor shop and at The Anchor & Bird Apparel shop.

Happy shopping!