Sunshine Blogger Award!

A million thanks to Kelly over at Poky Little Wanderer for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! You are too sweet! 🙂 The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award given to and by bloggers for being creative, positive, and inspiring. I don't normally think of myself as those things (and certainly not all at once!) … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award!

brunch, music, OAK/SF [28]

Early December finally gave us a little bit of downtime to relax and explore more of our own town. We are both big fans of brunch - brunch is my favorite meal of all the meals - so we'd been on the hunt for a brunch place that we could call "our regular brunch place." … Continue reading brunch, music, OAK/SF [28]

if I never see another box again, it will be too soon [20]

We have had our things in our house for about a week and a half and I am still drowning in boxes. So - if I never see another box again, etc. etc. It is a little strange and surreal to be unpacking things into this house. Our apartment in Mystic was spacious, but moreso … Continue reading if I never see another box again, it will be too soon [20]

endings & beginnings [1]

When we signed the lease on this apartment in April 2015, it was the first time we had ever lived in the same state, let alone same residence. It was a blank slate, the brick walls and wood beams waiting for a new story to tell. And boy, did we give it some stories. We … Continue reading endings & beginnings [1]