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The Anchor & Bird 2022 Gift Guide: Your Sarcastic Friends

Sarcasm. The spice of life. My first language, and that of many of my friends. And yes, my sarcastic mouth sometimes gets me in trouble. But what’s life without a little spice? And I just know that your sarcastic friends could definitely use some gifts that speak to them. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Snarky Holidays

15 oz festive af. ceramic mug

It’s a snarky holiday with you, Bert. I have been known to be a bit, well, Grinchy at times, and “festive” isn’t always in my vocabulary. Enter the “festive af.” mug. Fill it with coffee (or booze, or water, or whatever your favorite holiday libation may be) and let the mug convince your loved ones that you are, in fact, being festive as f*ck. Available in both 11oz and 15oz in dishwasher-safe ceramic, or in a 12 oz enamel version (hand wash only), each mug bears the words “festive af.” in a typewriter-style text in the center of a ring of colorful holiday lights. These mugs make a perfect gift for someone who is doing their best to portray an air of festivities, or even for an earnest gift for someone who really does love Christmas and all the colorful chaos that comes with it.

L-R:2022 trash fire ornaments in silver, gold, & white

Getting ready to trim the tree? These 2022 Trash Fire Ornaments are a silly way to commemorate the craziness of this past year. The “little sibling” and spiritual successor to my wildly popular 2020 Dumpster Fire design, these plastic disc ornaments add a little sarcastic sparkle to your Christmas tree. Each ornament is filled with your choice of glitter – silver, gold, or white – and completed with a ribbon for easy hanging. The design in the center features a green garbage can with yellow-and-orange flames bursting out the open lid. The date “2022” completes the design by arching across the top part of the ornament. These ornaments make a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift, and are definitely perfect for your snarkiest friend.

On a similar holiday note, if your tinsel is all in a tangle but you’re just ready to watch the world burn, perhaps your wardrobe could use an upgrade from the “this is fine.” collection. Available in a short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, or a crewneck sweatshirt, this tangled mess of Christmas lights is sure to keep you warm this winter. A big ol’ tangled mess of Christmas lights with the words “this is fine.” across the center adorns each top, and with the variety of styles, colors, and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite funny person.

L-R: this is fine. sweatshirt in Red, long sleeve in Athletic Heather, short sleeve in Forest green

Sarcasm: Not Just for the Holiday Season

NSFW sarcasm sticker, & a polite version

Everybody loves a little holiday spice, but what if you’re spicy year round? Celebrate your favorite attitude 365 with non-holiday snark. If you sprinkle sarcasm on everything, like you sprinkle bagel seasoning on everything (it’s me, hi), then you’ll love these everything-bagel-seasoning-inspired stickers. Each sticker features a hand-drawn illustration of a bagel seasoning bottle, with the label reading either Sarcasm I Sprinkle That Shit On Everything, or a more polite/safe-for-work version that says Sarcasm I Sprinkle That On Everything. Regardless of whether you choose the sweary version or the SFW version, these stickers measure approximately 4 inches tall x 1.75 inches wide – they’re perfect for a laptop, water bottle, planner cover, or wherever you might like to sprinkle some snark.

For Fox Sake string art

If you’re looking to decorate your home with some of your famed humor, this cute little fox string art adds some colorful decor – and colorful language – to any space. This little guy is the sarcastic sibling to the regular fox string art, seen in my Nature & Animal Lovers gift guide. Each sign measures 5.5 inches wide x 5 inches tall, plus the burlap twine for hanging, and features string art of a cute little fox head in the center. This version also features the word “for” above the string art, and “sake” below, so when you put it all together it reads “for fox sake” – perfect for a subtle swear and some bright colors in a small space. Plus, you get to choose the color of the vinyl lettering to really make it pop. Shop this little fox here.

Live Laugh Leave by 9 sign with red-brown frame

Okay, so not everyone wants profanities or even implied profanities in their home decor. I get that. And maybe you’re someone who loves to go big, but also really loves to go home. This Live, Laugh, Leave by 9 sign is a fun way to tell your guests that you love them but also you love when they leave, right? This sign subverts the “live laugh love” and the popular rustic style trends to turn it into a cheeky piece of home decor. At first glance you might think it’s just another HomeGoods sign, but this reverse canvas style piece definitely has a mind of its own. Made with black heat transfer vinyl on white canvas, with a wood frame stained in your choice of red-brown or gray-brown, all completed with a kraft backing and a sawtooth hanger – this sign is perfect for your funny farmhouse loving friends.

SPORTS! hat in pastel yellow (L) and cranberry (R)

Finally, if you’re shopping for someone who loves to wear their sarcasm on their sleeve…or forehead…and happens to be a sports fan (or a begrudging attendee of a sporting event), this supremely popular SPORTS! hat makes a great gift. Available in eleven colors, you’re sure to find one that suits your snarky sports friend. These hats have a buckle strap in the back for adjustable sizing, so one size fits most. Each hat has the word SPORTS! in an athletic-style font embroidered across the front in wither black or white depending on the color of the hat. Whether you’re cheering for your favorite team, hoping both teams have fun, or you’re just there because you have to be – this SPORTS! hat is a perfect addition to your own athletic wardrobe or as a gift for someone who maybe doesn’t love sports as much as you.

Whether you’re the designated funny friend or you’re hunting down a gift for a snarky special someone, there are plenty of options for you across both Anchor & Bird Shops. You can find all these and more at The Anchor & Bird decor shop and at The Anchor & Bird Apparel shop. ‘Tis the sarcastic season!

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