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The Anchor & Bird 2022 Gift Guide: Nature & Animal Lovers

Whether you’re shopping for a gardener, backyard birder, enjoyer of flowers, or a fan of animals – The Anchor & Bird has plenty of ideas to help you narrow down your holiday checklist. These colorful, nature-inspired pieces make great gifts for your favorite environmentalist, or even a lovely addition to your own holiday decor! And…everything is 20% off now through November 30th. Let’s check ’em out!

Animal String Art

Clockwise from top left corner: Cardinal string art, Robin string art, American Goldfinch string art

As you may have guessed by the name of this website, I’m a big bird lover. One of the absolute highlights of my day is watching the birds visit the assorted birdfeeders in my backyard. I themed at least two poetry projects in college around birds, I often drag my husband and friends to bird exhibits at zoos…I even love seeing pigeons in big cities and once almost got a pigeon to befriend me at an outdoor beer garden in Monterey, California. Needless to say, my bird string art pieces are my favorite to make and bring me SO much joy. The Cardinal String Art was the first bird-themed piece of art I added to my shop back in 2018, and it has remained a perennial favorite among clients, friends, and family alike.

Each of these bird string art pieces are built from an unfinished 10″ x 10″ wood plaque sign which is then painted to make the background pop (plus, the cardinal’s white background is finished with a little shimmer to make it look like a snowy winter wonderland scene!). The birds all sit on a branch with a colorful seasonal plant accent – the cardinal sits among string art pine needles and winter berries, the springtime robin enjoys some newly-bloomed cherry blossoms, and the bright summery yellow finch is hopping towards some purple-and-yellow aster flowers. Both the robin and finch feature 3D paper flowers, which add some dimension and texture to the pieces. These signs all come with an attached burlap twine to make it easy to hang as soon as it arrives!

Hummingbird String Art on a wood background with flowers

If you’re shopping for something a little smaller that still packs a colorful punch, the Hummingbird String Art is a funky metallic string art piece that brings some color, shimmer, and shine to any spot. This wood sign measures at 5 inches tall x 5.5 inches wide, and features string art of a ruby-throated hummingbird in flight. These hummingbirds are made with entirely metallic thread, so the bright colors really pop and shine against the plain wood background. Each hummingbird features a metallic green outline with accents of maroon, purple, and gold to emphasize the different parts of the hummingbird. This is a perfect gift to bring a little nature into a smaller space – especially if you or your giftee lives somewhere with long, dreary, gray winters.

Fox String Art sitting in a green plant with purple flowers

Now, maybe your animal-loving friend isn’t so into birds. Totally get that! This adorable little Fox String Art (and its sarcastic sibling) is a great little gift for an animal lover or even a woodland creature themed nursery or baby shower gift. Each fox string art sign measures 5″ x 5.5″ and comes with an attached burlap twine for easy hanging. The piece features a red-orange fox head with white and black accents on an unfinished wood background, giving it some rustic vibes. The vibrant color of the fox is a great way to add a little pop of brightness into your day!

Find all of these animal themed pieces, and more, in the Animal Art section of The Anchor & Bird Etsy shop.

Flowers & Plants

Sunflower & Eucalyptus Wine Tumblers

If your nature jam is a little less fauna and a little more flora, then you’ll love these floral pieces. Cheers to a friend with this fun stainless steel Sunflower and Eucalyptus Wine Tumbler (comes with a lid to avoid spillage)! Each tumbler holds 12oz of your favorite beverage, hot or cold, in a stemless-wine-glass-shaped vessel. The tumbler features art of golden sunflowers and blue-green eucalyptus leaves cascading from the top rim, printed on a white background with a glossy finish. Makes a great gift for a floral-loving…or wine-loving…friend!

Two Sunflower String Art pieces resting on a wood and white background

Keeping in the sunflower theme, this Sunflower String Art is a gorgeous way to bring a little nature inside. Each flower is unique – as seen here with two flowers next to each other – and features shades of golden yellow petals around a brown center. This piece is made on an 8″ x 8″ gray-washed wood sign to add a little rustic-inspired flair, and is completed with twine hanging material. Each wood base is a little different, which makes these sunflower pieces a great one-of-a-kind gift!

Daisy String Art on a peach background surrounded by leaves and daisy flowers

Maybe sunflowers are a little *too* rustic for you, or maybe you or your giftee prefer decor that feels a little more spring than fall vibes. You might love the Daisy String Art instead! Made on the same 8″ x 8″ gray-washed wood sign base as the Sunflower String Art, this piece features string art of a white-and-yellow daisy popping out from the bottom right hand corner. The bright yellow center of the flower is surrounded by white petals, making this piece perfect for springtime decor or to bring a little extra pop of color to wintertime white decorations.

No matter what your gifting goals, these nature-inspired pieces are a perfect way to bring the outdoors in. Everything pictured here, and so much more, are currently 20% off now through November 30th, both at the decor shop and the apparel shop.

Stay tuned for more gifting ideas to come!

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