October roundup: San Jose Sharks, Laguna Seca, Mission Ranch, California life [23]

Hey y’all! It’s been a while. We’ve been pretty busy, between things around Monterey and traveling a whole bunch in the beginning of November. Before I get into our November travels, here’s a summary of our October adventures!

First up, some sports. We are about an hour and change away from San Jose, and for these hockey fans, it’s the closest we’ve been to an NHL team in a few years. Because we are both fans of east coast teams, we generally will only get one opportunity per season to see our teams in San Jose – so when the Sabres came to town on a Thursday night, we were all in. We scored some reasonably affordable tickets via StubHub and headed up to the arena. This snowy-town native will never get used to seeing hockey arenas with palm trees outside, by the way.

The arena itself was pretty great. Small, but rockin’. We were up at the very top and still had a great view of just about everything.




 In standard Sabres fashion, they looked good for the first little bit of the game and just couldn’t hold onto it. We had a lot of fun, though, and thanks to our seats that we bought from a season ticket holder, met some longtime SJS fans. We also ended up sitting behind another Sabres fan who alerted us to the “Displaced Buffalo Sabres Fan” facebook group who takes pictures at away games:
Our next adventure took us to the Pirelli World Challenge at Laguna Seca racetrack in Monterey. A friend of ours got us tickets to this event as a farewell gift when we learned we’d be moving out here; Max is a pretty big car guy, so he was thrilled to have a chance to go check it out. Me, I’m not so into cars or races, but photo ops and beers are enough to convince me to go along for the ride (heh).
Oh, also, we bought a Lotus Elise:


So we took the Lotus up to Laguna Seca to check out the race. We spent some time exploring the assorted parts of the racetrack – including the hill and the Corkscrew. Here’s Max’s feelings about the race, in contrast with mine:

And even though I don’t particularly care for car racing, some of these views were pretty great:
The “Corkscrew,” Turn 8 and according to all the car guys I know, a very infamous turn in racing. (shrug emoji). It was pretty cool to be able to get up close to the cars, though – this is not zoomed at all.


Some gorgeous views of Monterey Bay heading towards the final turns of the race.
A tip: if you plan to go to Laguna Seca, bring sunscreen! And don’t wear flip flops. There’s a lot of dirt.
Some other adventures that found us during October:
I ran the Honor Our Fallen 5k…
…which we followed up with a visit to Hahn Winery, where we’re wine club members, in Soledad…


We had brunch at Mission Ranch in Carmel, which we found out later is owned by Clint Eastwood. Sunday brunch is a buffet for $40/person, including one beverage (mimosas!!!!). It has a gorgeous view of the shore along Carmel, and these sheep just casually roam around which was pretty spectacular:

And, of course, a visit to Fieldwork, where I finally remembered to take pictures! We met up with a friend and enjoyed some beers and card games.

October kept us pretty busy – but somehow, November is even busier. Stay tuned!


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