cross country travels: SFO and Charlottesville, VA [24]

The first weekend of November found us heading back east for a friend’s wedding in Charlottesville, Virginia.

But, of course, not without some delays…

We thought it would be a swell idea to fly from the small regional airport in Monterey to SFO to catch our flight to Dulles Airport. Of course, we were delayed in MRY by just enough that we were going to just barely miss our connection in San Francisco…which meant that the next available flight from SFO to IAD was the 10:40pm red eye. We had gone through multiple flight itineraries to avoid the red eye flight, since the wedding was Saturday afternoon, but got stuck on the later flight anyways. It was cloudy and a bit bouncy flying into SFO, but the views of the bay were still gorgeous – I guess fog is par for the course in the Bay Area, yeah? 😉

So, my annoyance aside, we then had about six hours to kill at SFO. Of all the airports I’ve had to kill time in, SFO was definitely not the worst. I highly recommend the wine bar in Terminal 3 – SF Uncork’d. They had a pretty decent small plates menu, and a significant wine list for an airport bar. We spent some time walking around, exploring the Duty Free store (although we didn’t buy anything). We had dinner at Sankaku Sushi & Noodle, which was delicious. Finally, we got a couple more drinks at Yankee Pier before catching our flight.

We landed at IAD around 5:30am, and hit up Chick-Fil-A for breakfast (because I do love me some sweet bigoted chicken sandwiches). The drive from Dulles to Charlottesville is approximately two hours, and once you get out of Prince William County, it gets very rural very fast. It’s a gorgeous drive, especially in the fall. Last time I was in Charlottesville, it was early spring after a pretty major snowstorm, so it was nice to get a different view of the area.

(In keeping with the theme of “not great photos” – trying to capture fall foliage from a moving car is tough!)

We arrived at the hotel, took a much needed nap, stopped by to pay our respects to the church of Wegmans (I am still not used to life without Wegmans and I haven’t lived near one in two years), and headed out to the wedding at a winery in the area. Despite the rain and the necessity to execute the rain plan, the wedding was absolutely beautiful. I love weddings – I love love – I love the happiness that surrounds the people in the room. As we discussed ad nauseum before our wedding, the group of people in the room are most likely never all going to be in the same place again; it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence to have all of these people together – and that’s just so awesome to me.

And, of course, I love a reason to dress up (shout out to Rent the Runway for this awesome dress!!)

The morning after the wedding, we headed out to grab some breakfast before heading back to Dulles to catch our flight home. We completely forgot it was family weekend at UVA, so we scrapped our first stop and headed to another because the wait was too long. And then, once we got to our second place, realized we were going to be waiting an entire hour for breakfast regardless of where we were. So we got our names on the list at Bluegrass Grill & Bakery and hung out for a while. I got to enjoy all the fall weather that I miss so much while we were waiting, and then it was time for some good southern breakfast – GRITS.

I had the breakfast Black Bean burrito, grits, and biscuit (so delicious) and a mimosa. Because it’s always time for mimosas! Max ordered an omelet with the Porcus Infernum hot sauce – a bacon flavored hot sauce, which was delicious – and cheese grits, because we are simple people to please.

After breakfast, we had to head back to Dulles to catch our flight home – and guys, if you are able to get TSA Pre-check, you absolutely must use it at Dulles. I flew out of Dulles pretty frequently when I lived in the area, and security at Dulles is always full of long lines (even when they say it’s a short wait) and Pre-check was a game changer. We got through security in under ten minutes – the shortest I’ve ever gone through regular security at Dulles was 35 minutes. Highly, highly recommend.

We flew from IAD to LAX and grabbed some snacks at LAX once we arrived. I have now flown through LAX a handful of times without ever having been to Los Angeles (yet).

But…luckily for me, the second weekend of November brought me to Los Angeles, for real, for the first time…

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