if I never see another box again, it will be too soon [20]

We have had our things in our house for about a week and a half and I am still drowning in boxes. So – if I never see another box again, etc. etc.

It is a little strange and surreal to be unpacking things into this house. Our apartment in Mystic was spacious, but moreso vertically than within the rooms themselves. So we have a TON more space in the living area, but our bedrooms are MUCH smaller which is forcing us to get a little creative with our storage options.

Plus our two bookcases got wrecked in the move, so I haven’t been able to settle in with all of my books still in boxes. A room without books is like a body without a soul (Cicero, you just get me). But we got some new bookcases, and although we don’t have a couch or a dining room table or any real ~adult~ furniture at yet, things are starting to feel a bit more like home.

Other than the unpacking that seems like it’s never going to end, we are just working on getting settled into some sort of routine. I am thrilled to be able to actually cook again, since we were without a kitchen or groceries for the better part of six weeks (!); Max is getting ready to start school, we are just doing our best to get into the swing of Normal Life here in California.

Also, we joined a wine club because #california

So, if you are planning to visit us – hope you like that view, because we will be taking all guests from now until we move out of California to enjoy our wine club membership with us. 😉

Until next time!

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