meet me in st. louis [18]

Shortly after arriving in California, we turned right around and hopped on a plane to head halfway back across the country for a wedding. Which was a great excuse for us to add another state and a few more airports to the list. Our day began quite early with a 7:something AM flight out of San Jose – our closest major airport, which is also an hour away, so we hit the road by 4something-entirely-too-early-o’clock. Luckily, the rules of society don’t apply to post-security airports, so I definitely had a mimosa at 6:45 am before we hopped on our first flight to Denver:

I had heard that Denver was a bit of a bumpy airport to fly into and out of, so I tried to prepare my anxious-flyer-self appropriately, but still freaked out a little bit as we came into the airport. Even Max the incredibly experienced flyer said it was uncomfortable, and we bounced off the runway as we landed which was a new and mildly terrifying experience for me. But all was well! We found the New Belgium bar and got ourselves some lunch and beer before once again flying the friendly skies:

And then we arrived in St. Louis! We were attending one of Max’s fraternity brothers’ weddings, so we met up with the college gang for some food and drinks the first night we were there. A lot of the people at this wedding weren’t able to attend our wedding, so it was great to catch up with some of the group that we haven’t seen in the better part of a year.

Sunday morning, before the wedding, a group of us headed to the City Museum. Guys, this is one of the coolest places I have ever been. It’s basically just a giant playground in the middle of the city, with a rooftop area and a cave system and a whole lot of things to climb on. My probably-a-monkey-in-a-past-life-husband was THRILLED. And it was so, so cool to look out over St. Louis from above:

Plus they had airplanes to climb in, an adult ball pit, and a plethora of other activities:

Following our City Museum adventure (seriously SO FUN if you’re ever in St. Louis you HAVE TO GO!!!!!), we got cleaned up and headed off to the wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and we had such a blast celebrating an awesome couple with so many wonderful people. Plus – we clean up good:

Monday morning post-wedding found us at the celebratory brunch, which was delicious – I am still always amazed when hotel-catered brunches are that good – and then a group of us who had some time to kill before our flights home headed down to see the Arch. Now, I am mildly claustrophobic, and I very much dislike elevators or anything resembling elevators, so I did not go up to the top of the Arch. Everyone else in the group did, however, and sent me some pictures:


Meanwhile, I took some photos on the ground level:

We followed up the Arch trip with lunch and then made our way over to the airport. It started POURING as we were driving to the airport – like, the heavens opened up and we got drenched in the five feet between the car and the door overhang. And, unfortunately, my beloved yellow sunglasses did not survive the weekend. But, after a wonderful weekend, we were off – St. Louis to Denver to San Jose, Chucks and all. I never thought St. Louis would be a place I’d want to go back to, let alone go to in the first place, but I would definitely not hesitate to visit again.

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