the long drive : utah/nevada/california [16]

We had been planning our drives pretty strategically, keeping the long days to 6-7 hours maximum, but we knew that would eventually run out. And Day 15 of the trip was that day.

Our route for that day covered 550 miles, from Utah through the entirety of Nevada to Truckee, CA, on the northern shores of Lake Tahoe. We knew it would be brutal, and we also knew that eventually it was going to happen – so we figured it was better to have the insane driving day at the end of the trip rather than the beginning.


But first – WAFFLES:

We started the day with a brief sightseeing stop at the Great Salt Lake:


And continued the day with so.much.driving.

But then, surprisingly faster than we anticipated, we were through Nevada and into our new home state of California; and then we were checking into our hotel in Truckee, and then we were so close to the end of our road trip.

These pine trees!!! I was so excited to see some trees after so many miles of dead, dry desert. I actually sent a few snapchats to a few people to yell about how excited I was about the trees #noshamewhatsoever. You can take the girl out of Upstate New York, but you will never take the Upstate New York out of her.

I don’t think I’m the first person to experience it, but I absolutely fell in love with Lake Tahoe after just a few brief moments. I have spent so many summers on pine-encased mountain lakes, and while I love the ocean, I am a “Lake Person” at heart. Oh, does Lake Tahoe speak to the Mountain Lake Person inside me. Just…look how beautiful it is:


After I stuck my feet in Lake Tahoe – because I have to stick my feet in bodies of water when available – we went to Las Panchitas Mexican restaurant in Kings Beach and Truckee River Winery in Truckee. Both were good, not great, but the surroundings more than made up for what the food and wine lacked. We finished the evening by sitting in the hot tub at the hotel and simultaneously winding down from the road trip thus far / getting hyped up to finish the road trip the next day.
While we didn’t actually do much in Lake Tahoe, I highly, highly recommend going there if you are able to. I am already planning to take a trip up there next summer. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that when I’m missing home, I just have to drive a few hours north and I have my mountains and my lakes right there. It may not be the mountains and lakes I have loved for so long – but I can’t wait to love Lake Tahoe, too.

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