endings & beginnings [1]

When we signed the lease on this apartment in April 2015, it was the first time we had ever lived in the same state, let alone same residence. It was a blank slate, the brick walls and wood beams waiting for a new story to tell.

And boy, did we give it some stories.

We moved in together – like I said, really the first time we lived in the same state. We learned A LOT about each other: he hates cleaning the bathroom; I am rendered useless when a centipede appears. We hosted our first Thanksgiving here. I ran my first 5k…and then a whole lot more. We made so, so many amazing friends here. We planned and decorated and redecorated and crafted and built here. We adopted a dog here, much to the chagrin of the cat.

We got engaged here. We planned and executed a wedding here (a pretty awesome one, if I do say so myself). For all intents and purposes, we started our lives here.

And now we will continue our lives somewhere else. Someone else will move in, make these brick walls theirs. We will find some new walls to hang our pictures on, another house to turn into a home.

So to whoever comes next – I hope your stories here are as good as ours.


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